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Mangallapradha Event’ful is one of the Best Birthday Party organizers in Hyderabad, we will plan and execute your kids Birthday...

4-8 HoursUp to 200 persons

A wedding day is one of the most important days of every person’s life, It is important that they look...

4-8 HoursUp to 25 persons

Every special occasion calls for a celebration and entertainment is the key to enhance any celebration. We are front- runners...

4-5 hrsUp to 500 persons

Mangallapradha Event’ful is an event management company that started in 2012. Utmost professionalism and perfection is our motto. Our team...

5 HoursUp to 200-300 persons

Weddings are so personal and your decoration, style, and theme allow you to make it your own, put your own...

4-6 Hours500-800 Persons